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Week from January the 01st to January the 01st - Year 2005
Reviews of current movies
TitleProducer Opinion
Les picardscompere prod
EcoChristus Prod
Jack ReatcherWarner interactions
Snap: Just ThinkingMellow Pictures
La Mante ( Mute)Warner interactions
Judge DreddWarner interactions
FuyezChristus Prod
The CrownThe Diagonale Production
The new mutantsWarner interactions
F.E.A.RWarner interactions
MachetteChristus Prod
The Time machineWarner interactions
Les Cendres FroidesThe Diagonale Production
Blade Runner 2049Warner interactions
Un long dimanche de funéraillesWarner interactions
A cuore for lifeWarner interactions
Queen Mary 2 : Les dessous d'une ReineThe Diagonale Production
Sci fyOx Production
Infinity 3Warner interactions
The four studentsNguvs Entertainment
DownsizingWarner interactions
Paris 2080Warner interactions
Area 51Warner interactions
Mad MaxWarner interactions
2010Nickel Pictures
John Conor RenaissanceWarner interactions
Pentagon PapersWarner interactions
Justice League 2 (Alime,Tara,Infinity,john conor)Warner interactions
DétestableNickel Pictures
Kingsman 2:golden circleWarner interactions
Tomb Raider RiseWarner interactions
Docu 2Ox Production
Infinity 2Warner interactions
GhostWarner interactions
C pas moiAxeProd
The fucking worldWarner interactions
Amazon Rise ( Tara 2)Warner interactions
Human Bomb s01x03Warner interactions
Why ? : Pourquoi suis-je venuAxeProd
Human Bomb s01x02Warner interactions
Human Bomb s01x01Warner interactions
Thriller 2 la suite (parce que j ai besoin d argent)Ox Production
Family lovesNickel Pictures
Silent HillWarner interactions